StarSpikes Pro 4 8BF Filter Plug-in - USD $36.95    Overview

Digital Diffraction Effects!

On your PC.

Right now.

In your astroimages.

StarSpikes Pro 4 is an 8BF Photoshop-style Filter Plug-in for use with quality image editors by Adobe, Corel, ComputerInsel, and others. Add sparkling star effects or "Akira Fujii" flares to your images digitally in your finishing image processing.

Make Your Images Really Stand Out!

Works on PCs running Windows 7 and newer with Photoshop or 8BF plug-in compatible editor.
Sorry, we don't have Mac-compatible plug-ins at this time.

Create and control every aspect of beautiful, realistic effects, based on mathematical simulation of light diffraction, resulting in attractive 3D-looking images.

Try it now! 15 Day Fully Functional Free Trial.

  • Spikes, Soft Flare, Ring Flare individually settable.
  • Content-Aware - Smart Recognition of Stars.
  • Effect Editor - Adjust Individual Effects or Add New.
  • Store and Retrieve Favorite Settings.
  • Works With 32 and 64 Bit Editors.
  • 8, 16, 32 Bit Color and Grayscale Images.
  • Math is 32 Bit for Highest Image Quality.
  • Fully Color-Managed for professional color.
  • Scrollable, Zoomable GPU-Accelerated Preview.
  • Familiar Photoshop-Style Usability.
  • Editor Integration - Selections, Layers, Masks.
  • Supports Actions and Use as a Smart Filter.
  • Customizable UI - Dark and Light Choices.

Note: If you are a general photographer looking for a plug-in to add star filter effects to your daytime images then you may be more interested in our StarFilter Pro product.   Please click here to read more.

Sample Images

Here are samples in which you can see just a few of the dazzling effects possible with StarSpikes Pro 4. Mouse over each image to see what it looked like before the plug-in was run.

Add a really nice "Akira Fujii" soft flare effect digitally, without a lens filter.

Take people out in space with you by adding a dramatic angle.

Make the brighter stars stand out in a wide field night shot.