Astrophotography Professional Software Products

Astronomy Tools - USD $21.95  Super Value!

Carboni's actions, a popular, easy to use set of tools for Adobe Photoshop® designed for use by astrophotographers in all parts of image processing. Beginners to advanced amateurs and pros, polish up your astrophotos for a beautiful, natural-looking presentation.

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AstroFlat Pro - USD $34.95

A powerful, fast luminance flattening plug-in for 8BF filter-compatible image editors on Windows PCs. Leverages the huge power of your GPU to separate subjects from light pollution and eliminate the sky glow gradients and hot spots in your astroimages.

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StarSpikes Pro 4 - USD $36.95  New low price!

Advanced content-aware plug-in for 8BF filter-compatible image editors that allows you to create stunning astronomical diffraction effects in your astroimages. Specifically tuned for use on astroimages.

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General Photography and Imaging Professional Software Products

StarFilter Pro 4 - USD $36.95  New low price!

Advanced content-aware professional plug-in for Adobe Photoshop® and compatible image editors that you can use to put a wide range of sparkling star filter effects on the highlights in your images, with no loss of overall contrast. Differentiate your images from those of others. Replaces a complete set of glass star filters and provides exclusive special effects.
Works with Adobe Photoshop® and Photoshop Elements®, Corel PaintShop® and PHOTO-PAINT®, ComputerInsel PhotoLine, ACDSee, Affinity Photo, and other great 8BF plug-in compatible editors on Windows 7 and newer!

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Upscale Sharpen - USD $23.95

Leverage Adobe's new detail-preserving upsampling in Photoshop CC, 2020 and newer to achieve the finest, most detailed sharpening available anywhere. Works with Adobe Photoshop® CC or 2020 and newer..

dSLR Tools - USD $19.95

General purpose actions for Adobe Photoshop® that provide the power to deal with common exposure, noise, and color issues. Works with all modern versions of Adobe Photoshop®.